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Strategic / Operational Plan

Paringa Archers Strategic and Operational Plans
Strategic Plan
The Paringa Archers Strategic Plan is derived from the Objects and Purposes established in the Club's Constitution. Paringa Archers is a Target archery club and is a member club of the Archery Society of Tasmania and Archery Australia and abides by their Constitutions and rules.
Strategic Direction
"The objects of Paringa Archers shall be to perpetuate and foster the principles and practice of archery, as a pastime, recreation and sport in accordance with the high spirit and honourable traditions of that most ancient sport."
Strategic Goals
  1. Promote archery to the community
  2. Promote archery to organisational groups
  3. Progress and develop Paringa Archers as a non-profit organisation
  4. Foster a strong and active membership base

Operational Plan
The Paringa Archers Operational Plan is a rolling three year plan that details the tactical goals and objectives for the club to achieve it's Strategic Goals.

Strategic Goal
Target Frequency
Club Events
 Come and Try (Club Gear available)
Saturday mornings

 Come and Try - Indoor (Club Gear available)
1 Wednesday nights

 Coaching Clinics (Longbow, Barebow, Recurve, Compound)
3,44 per year

 Club Shoots
4Saturday afternoons

 Twilight Shoots (Daylight savings)
4Wednesday evenings

 Qualifying and Ranking Events (QREs)
44 per year
World Archery / Archery Aust Events
 Northern Target, Field, Indoors, Clout

 AST Event (Target, Field, Indoor, Clout)
41 per year
Club Infrastructure
 Working Bees (Target Range, Field course, grounds/facilities)
33 per year

 Club Grounds under Crown Lease from 1/11/2009 for 10 years. ( Current Lease )
3 10 years 
 World Archery , Archery Australia and Archery Society of Tasmania

 Childrens University
1,2,32015 to ongoing
Special Projects
 Indoor Range
1,2,3,42015 to 2020

 Car park and entry road ashphalt (2017 est $40k Vinarchie Contracting)
1,2,3,42020 to 2021

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