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Reimbursements are agreed amounts payable to members for work undertaken for the benefit of the club or expenditure incurred on behalf of the club. 
These are claimable reimbursements and source control documents must support all claims. ie: Receipts, Volunteer book, Sign in book etc

Note: Volunteering Tasmania defines volunteering as "Time willingly given for the common good without financial gain."

Please use the Cash Control and Claimable Reimbursements form to make any claims from the Treasurer.
Payment/Allowance (Members)
Club Coaching
Come and Try DOS
Come and Try helper
Pension / HCC
Ext Event Setup/Takedown
Group Coordinator
Group Instructor
Instruction - Archery
QRE Official
Rubbish bin removal
Volunteer Ext Event Travel
Working Bee (WB)

AA Coaching (Payable if club charging $50/hr for coaching)
AA Instructor, 10 x C&T events per year completed
10 x C&T events per year completed
Current card (Payable after membership payment/renewal)
Tow trailer, Get/Repair/Return (bows/arrows etc), setup/takedown range
Coordinate group bookings
AA Instructor or Club/Regional Coach
AA Instructor
AA Judge/Judge Candidate
AA QRE Official or AA Judge
Removal of bin (Club/Range) rubbish
KM travel allowance return to Paringa
2 x 4 hour (WB) + event setup

$25 per hour
$134 member target fee
$134 member target fee
$134 member target fee
$200 per event
$20 per month phone allowance
$75 per group
Nil (Volunteer)
Nil (Volunteer) (AA or AST may pay)
Nil (Volunteer)
Nil (Volunteer)
Nil cents per KM (Volunteer)
$134 member target fee
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